The Project

The phenomenon of violence, discrimination and harassment in school is a theme that preoccupied the society, due to the upward curve in recent times and that’s why there is a need to promote awareness of accentuated this phenomenon, in the school, where children are formed. Moral values that they promote the society, through the school and family is based along with the acquisition of knowledge, skills and training skills, contributing to the formation of the profile of a young man capable of social integration and to adapt to the new challenges. Moreover, this problem is not only of Romania, it finds itself in other forms and intensity in most of the countries of Europe.
The project we are proposing is aimed at general awareness of the negative effects of the phenomenon of violence in school and its diminution through the education of the school psychologists in connection with this phenomenon. Through the intellectual achievements we will achieve in the project, we will ensure continuous learning techniques and methods for both the direct target group and other indirect beneficiaries that will reduce the phenomenon of violence in schools, developing the professional skills of school psychologists in relation to the phenomenon of violence, developing cognitive skills in children and adolescents in schools to understand the negative consequences of violence, facilitating knowledge of school psychology of violent situations suffered by pupils shy, introverted or who are afraid to talk face to face about what happens to them in an innovative way through an application „ChatBoot” – robot anti violence, which will allow students to interact with school psychologists in this way.
In combating the phenomenon of violence, other actors (parents, teachers, teachers) need to be sensitized and involved, who will be indirect beneficiaries of the results of this project. We will also involve members of relevant NGOs as well as local authorities to increase civic engagement and social responsibility which will indirectly lead to facilitating social inclusion for young people and adolescents and combating discrimination, harassment and violence.

In the next months, we will publish 2 guides, 1 research and 1 videocourse for reducing the Violence in Schools. All materials will be available and fully downloadable in English, Romanian, Italian and Greek.

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